Shiloh Deliverance Church International


In the Beginning...

In December 1988, God spoke to Pastors Bobby & Carolyn Bracy concerning what today is the Shiloh Deliverance Church. His message was clear: Perfect The Saints For The Work Of Ministry And Win The Lost. The Lord had already given Pastor Bobby the name Shiloh Deliverance Church, as well as the abiding theme for the ministry... Revelation + Application = Manifestation.

In November 1989, Pastors Bobby & Carolyn received the Articles of Incorporation and Shiloh Deliverance Church had come to fruition!

They began with a bible study in the living room of their home on Fairfield in Detroit. On the first Sunday in December 1989 at the Trinity Deliverance Church, Pastors Bobby & Carolyn Bracy were ordained for the pastorate of the Shiloh Deliverance Church.


God Blessed and we grew. We began Sunday service in an office space on Greenfield in Oak Park while midweek bible study continued at our pastor's home. Our membership quickly began to outgrow both our pastor's home and the office space in which we worshiped. Since the office building was not zoned for a church, we began our search for a new church home. The Lord led us to an industrial building at 18350 Schaefer in Detroit. In November 1992, after much prayer and renovation of the structure, we moved into the edifice that is now our church home. In less than two months, the building was paid-in-full & God began to add souls to the ministry from around the city and around the country.

Year-by-Year Themes...

1989-1990 Revelation + Application = Manifestation
1991 Serve ins the newness of spirit...Romans 7:6 - Another year is dawning; Isaiah 54:17
1992 Called to Excellence...Purposed to Succeed; The Best is Yet To Come! Isaiah 54:17, Ephesians 3:20;& II Chronicles 20:20
1993 A New Anointing For A New Day
1994 Armed and Dangerous Luke 11: 20-22
1995 To God Be All the Glory John 17:1
1996 Proclaiming Victory in Jesus, Together We're All Crossing Over, Phillipians 1:6
1997 It Ain't Over Till God Stamps Victory On It!
1998 God Has Strengthened Us
1999 Each One Win One